Grant View Heights Farms Produce

Brandy is a distilled product made from fruits and berries. The 2-step process involves fermenting the juice to make a wine, aging, and then distilling the wine and aging again.

Wild and cultivated agricultural products grown on or 22 acre Specialty Crop farm are used in production. Grant View Heights Farm produces: 5 Grape varieties, 6+ Apple varieties, 5 Berry varieties, Pears, Peaches, and Wild Plums.


Grant View Heights Farm Walnut Trees

Made by steeping unripe nuts in a neutral spirit. The spirit can start as anything distilled to the point that it is flavorless. The spirit is then steeped with the nuts and spices and aged.


All Bourbon is Whiskey, not all Whiskey is Bourbon. Bourbon is a distinctly American product. It needs to be made from 51% Corn, Distilled in the USA and aged in NEW white oak Barrels.

Bourbon & Whiskey need to age for a minimum of 2 years. Our locally distilled Bourbon/ Whiskey is maturing onsite for a 2021 release.