40 Winks Series

Forty winks is an idiom meaning “to get some sleep”. While our onsite produced Bourbon & Whiskey are resting (aka taking 40 winks) we will be offering a series of small batch releases that we have personally selected, finished and bottled for our customer’s enjoyment

40 Winks Double Barreled (Barrel Proof)

40 Winks Double Barreled
(Barrel Proof)

Our first 40 Winks release is called “Double Barreled Whiskey (Barrel Proof)”. It is a Whiskey which is distinctively different as it’s been double distilled & double barreled in New American Oak Barrels.  This Whiskey started out as Bourbon, crafted from a Bourbon Mash and aged in a New American Oak Barrel.  Taking some creative liberty it underwent a second distillation using a unique vacuum distilling method to maintain its original character profile and then barreled again. The second barrel is made by the Kelvin Cooperage using Minnesota American Oak. We believe the second distillation created a smoothness while the second new barrel added an additional level of complexity to an already great Bourbon. This first release is bottled at barrel strength allows you to experience the full flavor and aroma of this unique process.  ENJOY!

40 Winks Double Barreled (Small Batch)

40 Winks Double Barreled
(Small Batch)

Our Second 40 Winks release is the “Double Barreled Whiskey (Small Batch)”. It is a made with the same unique process as our Barrel Proof version and then the proof is adjusted to near 90 Proof. This limited release is perfect for those who do not want the higher proof of the original 40 Winks Whiskey. The lower proof brings out an entirely new set of tastes with Maple syrup undertones. This release is bottled at near 90 Proof and allows you to experience an entirely new taste and aroma from this unique process.  ENJOY! RFD Vodka


RFD Vodka

The GV family has grown with the release of our RFD Vodka. It is named after the Rockford airport (the Former Camp Grant) which the distillery overlooks. The crystal clear product starts with 100% corn which is 10x distilled, using a Column Still and then sent thru our onsite Bain Marie Pot Still to control time on copper for a clean finish. The Vodka is then triple filtered using coconut shell activated carbon which “softens” the distillate and creates an even cleaner finish. We then “proof” the spirit to 40% alcohol by volume.

GV Distillery RUM

Our Rum owes a great deal to the simple plant we call sugar cane. Grant View’s Specialty Crop Farm grows multiple varieties of grasses, but sugar cane is not one of them. grass you say…. it’s true…. sugar cane is a tall narrow caned grass that gives us our main ingredient to handcraft our Silver Rum. We use quality evaporated cane juce and add a hint of molasses to round out this sweet spirit of goodness. Our Rum can be savored straight or in your favorite cocktail.

So why make rum in Rockford, IL? For the love of a quality Rum product of course…….… the owners, Tim and Addie Ford, are not descendants of 17th Century Pirates and neither have been a boat “Captain” (although Tim was an Airline Captain….close right?….. no…not really).  

But what Tim and Addie can do is use only the best ingredients to hand craft, Distill, bottle, Label and market a quality Silver Rum right here in Rockford IL.

We hope you enjoy this Silver Rum while we are busy crafting our more complex Amber, Dark and Spiced Rums for release next year.

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