Our Philosophy

Our goal is not to be the biggest distillery in Illinois, it is to produce and offer for sale only great tasting and unique spirits. We believe taste should be the focus of any Craft Spirit. We produce our spirits using taste, smell and touch like craft should be, not a computer controlled & automated process. We believe that hands on approach and personal connection is the key to making a great spirit.  We invite you to taste for yourself to see if we have met our goal.

Whenever possible, we source our ingredients locally. The unique and scenic Grant View Heights property produces many agricultural products used in the production and flavorings of our spirits and cocktails. We cannot grow everything to produce spirits on our 22 Acres, but we are committed to using only the finest ingredients from small growers to create great tasting and unique spirits.


Tim & Addie Ford

Our History

Tim Ford, the President, was born into a military family while his father was serving overseas. At the University of Illinois, Tim trained as an Aircraft Mechanic,  Airline Transport Pilot and earned a degree in Secondary Education. He has been a consultant in the Airline Industry for 35 years.

Addie (Pierce) Ford, the Vice-President and Co-founder, is a 4th generation Rockfordian. She studied Business & Marketing at Rock Valley College.  For more than 25 years she worked in various industries within the Human Resources Field and most recently utilizing her experience within the Airline Industry.

As Airline Consultants, Tim and Addie traveled and lived around the world. While living abroad they enjoyed experiencing international cuisine, spirits and the local culture within Europe and Asia. But it was on a business trip to Kentucky where the pair fell in love with the flavors and aromas of American distilled spirits.

In 2016, the pair decided to return to Addie’s home town of Rockford to reestablish roots and bring their love of distilled spirits to the area. They searched the Rockford area extensively for a property that would allow them to create a unique and diverse flavor palate while utilizing Tim’s mechanical skills. The perfect venue to bring the dream to life was a 22 Acre property near the Rock River producing over 50 agricultural products.

We look forward to sharing the exciting flavors and aromas in every bottle.