A rich, buttery mouthfeel.  Sweet layers of butterscotch, toffee and carmel on the palate rounded out with notes of licorice, dark cherry, vanilla and a warm smokiness “camp fire”.  The finish is long, smooth and complex.

Enjoy the Spirit of Rockford!

40 Winks Rocky Sour

2 oz         40 Winks Whiskey, Barrel Strength

1 ½ oz     Orange Juice

3 oz         Sweet & Sour Mix (Agalima Mix)

                Maraschino Cherry for garnish

Fill a shaker with ice and add above ingredients.  Shake well.  Strain into a sour glass. Garnish with a cherry.

40 Winks Pear Delight

2 oz         40 Winks Whiskey, Barrel Strength

½  oz       Amaretto

½  oz       Oloroso Sherry

1 ½ oz     Pear juice

                Pear for garnish

                Raspberry for garnish

                Top with Tonic

Pour all ingredients in order into a highball glass over ice cubes, then top with tonic.  Garnish with a pear slice and a raspberry.